Buckets & Winches

MSI uses a double drum pull winch that has proven to be a viable way of removing large quantities of material from large diameter pipe. The smaller of the two winches utilizes a 5/8” cable to haul out material with a pulling force of 30,000 at the rate of three yards per cycle. The larger winch carries a 1 1/8” steel cable and has a pulling force of 75,000 pounds.

Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation is a safe, non-destructive digging technology for contractors, utilities, public authorities and industrial facilities. The underground infrastructure is crowded with pipes, ducts, sewers, water pipes, electrical and fiber optic cables and phone lines. Our vacuum excavation equipment uses pressurized water and a powerful vacuum to remove any type of ground condition. The hydro excavation system eliminates the risk of damage to existing underground utilities.


Contractors use a variety of vacuuming equipment. Our mobile pneumatic conveyors utilize rotary lobe blowers, producing up to 27 inches HG, creating a 200-foot vertical lift and 2,000� horizontal pull. The equipment varies from a two-axle trailer module, used in easement and residential work, to a three-axle, 17-yard "industrial loader", using an 8� suction hose. Through a unique filtration system, these machines have the capability of suctioning wet or dry material. Containment is not a problem, especially when using these units in conjunction with specialized dewatering filtration containers for material offload.

Wet Vacuum

Wet material, including sludge and slurry, is vacuumed via 6” tubes into a ten-yard debris tank located at the rear of the truck. Extensions to the 6” tubes allow the vacuum to be lowered to the base of the manhole or tank to remove debris. This method is also useful in removing material from ponds, settling tanks, lift stations or any application where the removal of liquid waste is necessary. Once the material is on board it is ready to be transported for disposal.


Quick and effective performance is essential in overflow containment. The downhill side of a worksite is plugged with pneumatic flow through plugs. The liquids are pumped into the filter cloth of a lined phase separator and then returned to the system via the flow through capability of the equipment. The solids are held, dehydrated and removed to an appropriate disposal site.

Dry Vacuum

The four-stage filtration system allows the industrial loader to suction dry materials without damage. Fly ash, cement, sand, and gravel are easily vacuumed and stored in the 17-yard debris tank. Impressive production rates can be achieved with these state-of-the-art mobile pneumatic conveyors.