Cleaning is one of the most important aspects of our business for both maintenance purposes or in preparation for rehabilitation. Our services include pipe cleaning, vault and tank cleaning and hydro-blasting. We also provide vacuum services for debris removal to augment the cleaning operation.

Confined Space

Entry into confined spaces is occasionally required to complete a project. This can be an extremely dangerous environment due to the presence of highly toxic gasses, strong currents, obstacles and hazardous conditions. MSI provides safety equipment ranging from standard gas detectors, tripods, winches and harnesses to hazard suits and self-contained breathing apparatus. The equipment, coupled with extensive personnel training, ensures the highest levels of safety are maintained.


Our hydraulic centrifugal pumps and 100 hp trailer-mounted power units tackle any task with ease. With external oil cooling systems, they perform continuously without overheating. A remote Murphy Shut Down System safe-guards against discharge of oil if a hydraulic line fails.