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Smoke testing is a useful tool in the detection of sources of infiltration where ground water and storm runoff can enter the sanitary sewer system. After a section of the sewer system has been isolated, non-toxic smoke is forced into the pipe at the manhole using blowers. The forced smoke will escape through any openings in the pipe and appear on the surface. These locations are documented and photographed for evaluation. This procedure is most effective when performed during dry weather conditions.

Pond Pumping

Holding ponds require periodic removal of accumulated sludge to restore the pond to its maximum holding capacity. Care is taken during the pumping and debris removal process to prevent damage to the liner or earthen subsurface.

MSI employs heavy duty hydraulic submersible pumps capable of moving water, sewage, sludge, industrial waste, winery byproduct and slurries at a flow rate of 1,400-2,200 gpm with a maximum solid intake of 3”. Submersible pumps can be staged as stand-alone, wheeled or afloat as the situation dictates.

Pond effluent can be pumped to an adjacent holding area or directly into awaiting trucks for transport and disposal. Dewatering systems can be integrated into the procedure to aid in the disposal process.

Pipe Locating

Radio signals emitted by the transmitter are gathered above ground through a hand-held receiver. The transmitter can be launched via video push cable, jet hose or attached to a mainline camera system. The signal captured by the receiver will determine the depth of the transmitter and surface locations can be marked. This procedure is useful in locating pipe and buried structures such as tanks and manholes. Successful locating eliminates the need for invasive exploratory excavation.


The Fell 21 is used to locate cracks and other faults in non-metallic pipe. A segment of pipe is isolated using plugs and the pipe segment is surcharged. A sonde is pushed through the length of the pipe, stopping at the farthest plug. As the sonde is retrieved, the electrical charge emitted by the sonde detects pipe defects and relays data to the computer.


Entry into confined spaces is occasionally required to complete a project. This is a potentially dangerous environment due to the presence of highly toxic gasses, strong currents, obstacles and hazardous conditions. MSI provides safety equipment ranging from standard gas detectors, tripods, winches and harnesses to hazard suits and self-contained breathing apparatus. The equipment, coupled with extensive personnel training, ensures the highest levels of safety are maintained.

By-Pass Pumping

By-pass pumps capable of handling 2,200 gpm flows are used when the need arises to isolate areas for rehabilitation. The pumps are specifically designed to handle sewer discharge and slurry in caustic environments.