Cured In Place Pipe

Reinstatement Cutters

Robotically controlled in conjuctions with CCTV, these tools can grind protruding laterals and smooth down off set joints. Their intended use is reinstating laterals, internally covered by a rehabilitation process, as in CIPP repair and Fold and Form. We have the four inch to twelve inch cutting capability.


Ecoliner is a point repair that is sized to fit the pipe being repaired. It is a "liner" that is installed by our technicians inside a pipe.

Before Ecoliner installation, we clean the section to be repaired to ensure a solid bond with the pipe and the Ecoliner Point Repair System. Once it cures, in just a few hours, the Ecoliner repaired pipe can be used immediately.

The process of the Ecoliner point repair is a CIPP consisting of Kevlar cloth cut to size and impregnated with a proprietary epoxy. Next it is secured to an inflatable packer with a built-in bypass, working from both upstream and downstream manholes. The packer is winched into a predetermined and measured position over the pipe break. It is them inflated to a specific pressure and allowed to cure in place.

Once cured (approximately four hours) the packed if deflated and removed. The finished repair is inspected with CCTV. The entire repair is recorded and filed on a DVD. A copy of the DVD is provided for future references.

Ecoliner Municipality Benefits

  • Cost Effective

  • No Disruption

  • No Excavation

  • Efficient & Fast Ambient Care

  • Meets ASTM Specifications

  • Works Under Any Climate Condition

  • Relines Only the Pipe Section Needing Repair

  • Permanent & Guaranteed

Ecoliner Municipality Applications

  • 6" to 24" Pipe Diameter

  • Restores & Repairs Broken, Cracked, Fractured VCP & SDR Pipe

  • Voids

  • Root Intrusions or Root Joints

  • Open & Offset Joint Repairs

  • Partially Collapsed Pipes