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Industrial Cleaning

Concrete Cutting:

Concrete cutting is performed using a hand gun capable of producing 10,000 psi water pressure with a 0 degree pencil jet nozzle. This procedure is effective in creating exposed aggregate from a cured concrete surface.

Wet Abrasive Blasting:

Requiring hand held equipment with pressures ranging from 4,000 to 10,000 psi, various abrasive materials are injected into the water flow through a Venturi nozzle. Very controllable results can be attained by this method. Water effectively retards the dust and reduces the heat (warping effect), which are major negative byproducts of conventional blasting methods. Abrasive materials range from sand to crushed walnut shells or almost any abrasive, free flowing material can be used depending upon the results required. A unique feature includes the ability to recover the abrasive and allow reuse.

Tube Bundles:

Flex lancing usually necessitates 10,000 psi water pressure. Tube bundle residue varies in thickness and density. Specialized rotating nozzle tips perform cleaning operations on these, sometimes totally restricted, tubes. Foot control valves are essential pieces of safety equipment for applications where the jetting operator is unable to see and communicate directly with the machine operator. This also applies to applications where a stainless steel semi flexible lance without a dump type trigger assembly is used.

Communication Conduits:

Today’s infrastructure was installed with yesterday's technology. Vitrified clay tiles with no mortar joints are susceptible to root intrusion and sifting backfill. Jetting flushes the conduits, cuts roots and lubricates the passage for insertion of a pull rope or interduct casing. Our unique jump jet capability allows us to jet along side a cable pair already occupying a conduit.




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